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Specific steps wire drawing die repair 2015-11-27

According to statistics, China's annual consumption of only mold machinery industry as high as five times the total price of the machine. Thus, consumption of large quantities of mold, not only directly increase the cost of production, but also because of the frequent replacement of mold caused by frequent mass production line shut down, resulting in greater economic losses. Die drawing die repair technology will undoubtedly strengthen the life, good economic returns, can be applied to the surface of various iron-based alloys and other metal materials molds and workpiece strengthen and repair and a substantial increase in service life.

Here we need to pay attention to is: Although the machine will alert you when the operation error, but may occasionally pillow melting of the mold surface pits! So be sure to clear the specific steps Drawing Die repair:

1. Cleanup: Cleanup needs to make a simple repair at removing oil and impurities, otherwise energized poor and sparking phenomenon repair process.

2, the rolling speed: the rotational speed of the welding torch to melt pulse output current node in the form of closely spaced appropriate fill material, the rotational speed can not be too fast, otherwise the repair polishing a small amount of fill material and fine pores peeling phenomenon.

3, gun and die contacts: fill material between the gun and pressed against the contact area of ​​the smaller the better, the greater the current density through instant (current more concentrated), the greater the heat solder joints, fill material degree of integration is relatively Great. Fill material power of the data shown in the contact housing for the φ5mm standard torch electrode rod and the plane fill material when power requirements, the same power horn larger contact area, the current dispersion, after the meeting is not satisfactory, on the contrary, the contact area is too small, repair the process could easily lead to melting of fill material splashing and bumpy surface.

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