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[ Industry News ]How to distinguish the pros and cons of diamond wire drawing die 2017- 5- 5
In the purchase of wire drawing die, we always want to buy the product is the best, the best is no defect, so we must learn to buy a diamond die is good or bad, only will read , Can be selected to a most suitable of their own wire drawing die.
[ Industry News ] Tungsten alloy classification Introduction 2017- 3- 15
Tungsten alloy according to its composition can be divided into W-Ni-Cu, W-Ni-Fe two series and W-Ni-Cr, W-Ni-Mo, W-Ni-Co alloy.
[ Company News ] IWD Company at Wire China 2016-10-21
IWD company attended Wire China 2016 on September 26-29. We arranged meeting with our old customers and presented our brand and diamond wire drawing dies&related tools to the local visitors.
[ Company News ] Wire China 2016/Visit IWD at Booth#WBB35 2016- 9- 9
We are warmly welcome you to visit our booth onWire China 2016, September 26-29.
We will take our New Technologies and Samples of Wire Drawing, Extrusion Tooling, Compacting, Shaving and Enamelling to the show.
Our booth# isWBB35
Looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues there.
[ Industry News ] Drawing die material selection and application characteristics 2016- 8- 10
Diamond and carbide drawing dies is the main material processing. Application of the two materials are very different, have their own characteristics.
[ Company News ] IWD Company at Wire Dusseldorf 2016-5-13
IWD company attended Wire Dusseldorf 2016 on April4-8. We arranged meeting with our old customers and presented our brand and diamond wire drawing dies&related tools to the local visitors.
[ Company News ]We are warmly welcome you to visit our booth on Wire Dusseldorf 2016, April 4-8. 2016-3- 22
We will take our New Technologies and Samples of Wire Drawing, Extrusion Tooling, Compacting, Shaving and Enamelling to the show.
[ Industry News ]Diamond drawing die drawing process operators should note matters 2015-12- 28
Die recipients should be familiar with the drawing process line, to distinguish whether the corresponding specifications and technology, or cause wasted effort, but also damage the wire and die.
[ Industry News ]Specific steps wire drawing die repair 2015-11- 27
According to statistics, China's annual consumption of only mold machinery industry as high as five times the total price of the machine. Thus, consumption of large quantities of mold, not only directly increase the cost of production, but also because of the frequent replacement of mold caused by frequent mass production line shut down, resulting in greater economic losses. Die drawing die repair technology will undoubtedly strengthen the life, good economic returns, can be applied to the surface of various iron-based alloys and other metal materials molds and workpiece strengthen and repair and a substantial increase in service life.
[ Industry News ]Wire drawing die directly affects the quality of silk 2015-11-16
For now drawing dies, it also has some manufacturers in the production, but it requires technical aspects very prominent, if it when in use, they can not meet the requirements, then the entire wire production also not qualified, we all know that, for the wire, the time it is produced, often fineness required multifaceted requirements.
[ Industry News ]Carbide die maintenance 2015-11-10
Steel production, consumption of drawing dies rupture and wear two kinds. Rupture of the mold can only be scrapped, worn mold can be repaired again, so production should be reduced as far as possible the proportion of mold fracture.
[ Industry News ]Use good-quality wire drawing dies have any effect 2015-11-5
Diamond drawing dies is a very important mold, inadequate if it is top quality, tend to give a great deal of influence yourself, then when there is insufficient quality of this mold, and what kind of impact it will give users? We all know, this mold is mainly applied to production above the wire, all such manufacturers, also must choose to use this mold as a mold, its production efficiency for the entire product will be influenced .
[ Company News ] Drawing die application industry, how to select drawing dies 2015-10-26
The several forms of destruction and friction and wear can often intertwined, for the analysis of damage and wear mechanism increases the difficulty of drawing dies. But in general, the sort from high to low wear of various materials are drawing dies: Diamond Drawing Die (without considering the problem of natural diamond anisotropy) - Ceramic drawing dies - Carbide drawing dies - - obsolete steel mold.
[ Company News ] IWD at Wire Southeast Asia Bangkok 2015-10-10
IWD at Wire Southeast Asia Bangkok
[ Company News ] IWD at Wire Southeast Asia 2015 2015-7-15
IWD company will attend to Wire Southeast Asia 2015 which hold in Bangkok Thailand this September.
We will show up our new working ways and display our new concept to support our customers products needs.
[ Industry News ] Wire South America 2015, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2015-6-1
wire South America will take place in parallel with TUBOTECH at the Imigrantes Exposicoes Exhibition Centre in Sao Paulo.
[ Industry News ] Wire Southeast Asia 2015, Bangkok, Thailand 2015-5-6
Wire Southeast ASIA / Tube Southeast ASIA 2011 will be held from 15 to 17 September 2015 at BITEC, Bangkok's premier exhibition venue.
[ Industry News ] Mold maintenance and repair 2014-10-28
Excessive wear will make the number of mold repair greatly reduced, or even scrapped, making the wire drawing costs increased.
[ Company News ] IW diamond dies Website revision completed 2014-6-3
Company website revision update completed.
If you have any special requests, please send us your inquiry to us by sales@iwdiamond.com.
[ Industry News ] Zhengzhou IW Diamond Co., Ltd. 2013-5-6
Zhengzhou IW Diamond Co., Ltd. ( IWD for short ) is a High-New Technology joint enterprise and Global company,specializing in the manufacture, supply and service of wire drawing dies and related tools&equipment.
[ Company News ] IW diamond wire drawing die 2013-2-25
We have a good business relationship with world suppliers of PCD diamond die blanks and Natural diamond stones, ensuring the quality of raw materials.

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Zhengzhou IW Diamond Co.,Ltd.
Add: No.1, Yulin, Shuangqiao, HIGH-
NEW Tech Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan,
450001, China
Tel: +86-371-86082760
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