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PCD Drawing Dies

Polycrystalline Diamond Wire Drawing Die is the longest die life of all materials.

ND Drawing Dies

Natural Diamond is the material with the best surface finish of all materials.

SSCD Drawing Dies

Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond has similar physical characteristics to Natural Diamond.

CVD Drawing Dies

CVD Diamond Wire Drawing Die better abrasion performance than PCD Drawing Die blanks.

TC Drawing Dies

High Quality Cemented Carbide Core,good thermal conductivity and high hardness.

Extrusion Tools

Each Extrusion Tip is engineered with unique applications expertise.

Company Profile
  • IW is a global service provider focusing on the tools manufacturing of wire rod industry,specializing in the production,research and development and sales of diamond wire drawing dies,providing die services such as drawing,extrusion,
    stranding,scraping and painting;specifically,it includes:natural drawing die,
    polycrystalline drawing die,single crystal drawing die,cvd drawing die,tungsten steel drawing die,cemented carbide drawing die,drawing pipe die,special-shaped die,stranded wire die,painting die,extrusion guide die,etc.Various types of high quality drawing die services.IW has 5 product service centers in Zhengzhou,China,Norwich,Osaka,Holland and Israel.

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