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Specialty Wire Drawing Dies

Wire Extrusion Dies Customized Wire Guides

Product Name Customized Wire Guides; Extrusion Tools; Extrusion Tips; Extrusion Dies
Hole Sizes Tungsten carbide: 0.020in to 0.500in or 0.50mm to 12.5mm
Tool steel:up to 1.0in or up to 25mm
Applications Wire and cable,local communication cable,optical cable and other cable manufacturing,wire,cable extrusion,etc.
Advantages Each custom-manufactured extrusion tip is engineered with unique applications expertise,to ensure proper wire centering.

Blank Type: Polycrystalline Diamond,Tungsten steel,
IW provides you with customized extrusion head (wire guide / extrusion),no sharp edge,accurate concentricity.
According to your specific application for accurate size design,mold core can choose ND natural diamond or PCD polycrystalline diamond;these two dies cores have good wear resistance.

Extrusion Dies Customized Wire Guides

PCD/TC Extrusion Tools: Extrusion Dies Customized Wire Guides

Ex-factory Price Extrusion Tools :Extrusion Dies Customized Wire Guides

Extursion Tools

Types of wire extrusion TP PCD dies
1.Solid tungsten carbide
2.Steel with heat treated
3.Steel body with tungsten carbide insert
4.Steel body with PCD diamond inserts

Please provide related information,in order to discuss the details of wire guides /tips with our salesman:
1.Bore diameter and quantity required
2.The drawing of extrusion tools
3.Application materials:PVC,PE,rubber,etc...
4.Materials of requested extrusion tools (if not we will recommend the suitable one.)

Types of Wire guides/tips:
1.Steel with heat treated
2.Steel body with tungsten carbide insert
3.Steel body with PCD diamond inserts
4.Solid tungsten carbide
Please feel free to contact us.We will response as soon as we can.


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Specialty Wire Drawing Dies
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