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Diamond Grinding Wheel

IW offers various Diamond Grinding Wheels,including Resin Bond Diamond wheels,Metal Bond Diamond wheels and Vitrified Diamond wheels.
According to different application and grinding forms,Diamond grinding wheel can be made into different shapes and sizes,e.g. flat diamond wheels,cylinder diamond wheels,cup diamond grinding wheels,disc diamond grinding wheels and others.
Diamond grinding wheel is ususally mounted on surface grinding machines,circular grinding machines and ordinary cutter & grinder for grinding tool. Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels have the features of sharp cutting,self sharping.They are mainly used to grind carbide,magnetic,vitrified and alloy material.
Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels are high strength,good heat resistance,excellent cutting ability.They are for hard material machining,like PCD tools,Tungsten steel,ceramic,etc.
Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels are long grinding life,fast stock removal,excellent interrupted grinding.They are recommended for grinding ceramic,glass and others.

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