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TC Wire Drawing Dies

Extrusion Tips with Bye Holes

Product Name Extrusion Tools; Extrusion Tips; Extrusion Tips with Bye Holes; Extrusion Dies
Hole Sizes Tungsten carbide: 0.020in to 0.500in or 0.50mm to 12.5mm
Tool steel:up to 1.0in or up to 25mm
Applications Telephone,telecommunication and electronic cables.
Advantages Each custom-manufactured extrusion tip is engineered with unique applications expertise,to ensure proper wire centering.

Types of wire extrusion diamond dies and Wire guides/tips:
1.Solid tungsten carbide
2.Steel with heat treated
3.Steel body with tungsten carbide insert
4.Steel body with PCD diamond inserts

Extrusion Dies & Extrusion Tips

Tungsten Carbide Extrusion Dies & Extrusion Tips

Customized Hot Selling Top Quality TC Wire Extrusion Tungsten Carbide Die Precision Mold Tungsten Carbide Extrusion Dies Head

Extrusion Tips / Extrusion Dies
Please provide related information,in order to discuss the details of wire guides /tips with our salesman:
1.Bore diameter and quantity required
2.The drawing of extrusion tools
3.Application materials:PVC,PE,rubber,etc...
4.Materials of requested extrusion tools (if not we will recommend the suitable one.)

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TC Wire Drawing Dies
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