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Cold Pressure Welding Machine

This kind of cold pressure welding machine is automatically operated,simple and convenient,hydraulic type.It can weld 8mm oxygen-free copper rod or different sizes of other wires. Introduction:
1.No need of heat or electricity and some form of flux to make the joins of wire.
2.It is possible to weld two different diameter wire with different material together.
3.Automatically operated.Simple and convenient.Solid rod can also be welded.
4.It is electric/hydraulic powered machines capable of welding large round wire and strip materials. Caster mounting provides ease of movement in work area.
5.Widely used in the cold welding for the wire of copper,aluminum,gold,silver,nickel,and other non-ferrous metal wire/rod. Main parameters
1.Motor Power:4KW
2.Working pressure:<=4.5Mpa
3.Rated Voltage:380V/50HZ
4.Oil returning back-pressure:1.5 Mpa
5.Oil temperature<=75°
6.External Dimension:1230*700*1130mm (L*W*H)
8.Package:wooden case
9.Range of the wire:Copper:3.00-10.00mm


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Die Shop Equipment & Supplies
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