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How to reduce the consumption cost of Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

Special attention should be paid to the following aspects in the application of diamond wire drawing die:

1.Cleaning of Diamond Dies for Wire Drawing
The drawing dies must be cleaned before use,because the impurities in the die hole not only scratch the surface of the wire,but also make the drawing die produce grooves,and even lead to the scrapping of the drawing die.Therefore,the diamond dies must be cleaned by ultrasonic and dried by compressed air before use.

2.Cleaning of melt
The potassium nitrate or sodium nitrite solution used in the spinning head before drawing has a strong corrosion effect on the drawing die,which will damage the surface finish of the die.Therefore,it is necessary to clean the melt on the head before threading.

3.Reasonable installation and equipment maintenance of diamond drawing dies
When installing the drawing die, the center line of the die hole must coincide with the drawing axis of the wire. Otherwise,the wire will produce additional side pressure on the die wall,which makes the wear of the wire drawing die become asymmetric and uneven.

In addition,improper installation and maintenance of the drawing equipment will make the drawing die under the working conditions of impact force, vibration or frequent start-up,which will cause uneven or fluctuating force on the wire die and promote premature wear of the pcd drawing dies.

The quality of diamond drawing dies has a direct impact on the quality and cost of the product.Under the conditions of high precision,low cost and high efficiency,the drawing die can produce qualified parts in a longer time and more times.

With the continuous innovation of technology,the wide use of new materials,the continuous update and change of processing technology,the difference of use and maintenance conditions and so on,the product quality of the drawing die is affected to varying degrees.

When drawing large diameter and hard materials,the quality of the insert sleeve is more important.It should be ensured that the die blank should be firmly fixed in the die sleeve under the actual drawing temperature,so as to ensure the quality of the drawing die It can effectively guarantee the service life of Diamond Drawing Dies.

According to the actual use conditions,we should select the appropriate die sleeve material to meet the required drawing conditions,and have a higher elastic coefficient to resist the increase of die blank size and the residual deformation of die sleeve during drawing.

It has good resistance to the corrosion performance of lubricating materials used in the drawing process,because the cost of the drawing die can reach the drawing cost Therefore,how to reduce the consumption cost of PCD wire drawing dies and improve its service life is the primary problem to be solved urgently by wire rod production units.

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