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How to improve the service life of Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

When using Natural Diamond Drawing Dies,the installation and use of drawing machine equipment should be reasonable.The installation of wire drawing machine should be very stable to avoid the adverse effects of vibration.

During the installation, the drawing axis of the wire rod should be symmetrical with the center line of the film hole,so as to have a uniform effect with the drawing dies.

Because at the beginning of pulling,the friction caused by the tensile stress is much greater than the normal friction,so the drawing die will be worn.

Secondly,the wire of natural diamond wire dies should be treated.In addition,after grinding by the grinder,the drawing surface shrinkage should be properly maintained.In the use of lubrication,there should be a good lubricant,so in the use of time to regularly maintain the natural diamond drawing dies.

Due to the vibration of wire rod,some slight annular wear occurs in the first contact area of wire rod in the working area of natural diamond dies,and then expands to the sizing area,resulting in serious decline of wire rod surface quality and expansion of wire rod size.

Moreover,severe wear will cause transverse cracks (mainly in the drawing process of soft wire) or longitudinal cracks (mainly in the drawing process of hard wire),resulting in premature scrapping of the iw wire drawing dies.

Therefore,according to the type of wire to be drawn and the characteristics of wire drawing,the maintenance specification of nd wire drawing dies should be formulated scientifically.In general,slight ring wear can be restored by polishing,or the diameter can be slightly enlarged to meet the drawing requirements.Excessive wear will greatly reduce the number of mold repair,or even scrap, making the drawing cost increase.

The effective maintenance and repair of natural diamond drawing dies is very important to reduce the cost.

What should be paid attention to in the process of using nd drawing dies?

1.Surface pretreatment:for the wire rod with dirty surface and more impurities,it should be cleaned and dried before drawing;for the wire rod with more oxide skin,it should be acid refined and dried before drawing; for the wire rod with peeling,pit and double skin,it should be polished before drawing.

2.Heat treatment:for the wire with excessive hardness or uneven hardness,the hardness shall be reduced by annealing or tempering, and the wire shall maintain good hardness uniformity before drawing.

For the wire after treatment,it is conducive to better guarantee the service life of the IW ND Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies and the high smoothness and high quality of the wire surface.

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