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Ring groove in working area of Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

In the process of long-term use of diamond wire drawing die,the die wall is subject to the strong friction and erosion of metal wire,which will inevitably produce wear phenomenon.The most common is the annular groove (dent) at the wire entrance of the working area.

After the ring groove appears in the Diamond Wire Drawing Dies,the wear of the die hole is aggravated,because the small particles of the core material peeled off due to Looseness on the ring groove are brought into the working area and sizing area of the die hole by the metal wire,which plays the role of abrasive,while the wire entering the die hole aggravates the wear of the die hole like a grinding needle.

If it is not replaced and repaired in time,the ring groove will continue to expand rapidly,which makes it more difficult to repair,and even cracks may appear in the deeper part of the ring groove,which makes the drawing die completely broken and scrapped.

From experience,it is very economical to formulate a set of standards,strengthen daily maintenance,and often repair the diamond die.Once the drawing dies has any slight wear,polishing in time will take less time to make the PCD drawing die return to the original polishing state,and the hole size of the drawing die has no obvious change.

If you want to make your diamond drawing dies meet the quality requirements,you have to choose a reliable die manufacturer.What kind of die manufacturer is reliable?Generally speaking, this kind of reliability also has a certain relationship with the scale of the enterprise. Only when the mold production enterprise you choose has a certain scale and you use the mold products they produce,can you feel reliable.

But why do you say that?One is that enterprises with scale have their own strength in this aspect when they are producing.We all know that in this industrial era,especially for products like wire drawing dies,it is impossible to produce them by hand.We must use professional iw wire drawing die production equipment,and professional equipment can only be produced in enterprises with scale Better introduction and update.

Therefore,the large-scale diamond dies manufacturers often have their own reliability in this aspect,and there is another point,that is,some small manufacturers often do not have their own bottom line in the production,so it is difficult to let people rest assured when using,while the large-scale wire drawing dies enterprises are different,because they have more advantages in their own enterprises So they don't dare to mess with the quality of their products.

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